Television and Video

What If Discussed: What If We Lived in Space?

Mission Unstoppable - Teeth, Tremors, and Tech

Startalk with Neil deGrasse Tyson: Interstellar Space Travel

Print and Audio

  1. StarTalk All-Stars @ Caveat - Gettin’ Off Earth! (2018)

  2. Vanguard STEM Conversations (2017)

  3. One Doctor Exploring Wound Care on Earth and in Space Advanced Tissue (2017)

  4. Your Body in Space with Guest Dr. Ronke Olabisi Sparkdialogue Podcasts (2017)

  5. Rutgers’ Ronke Olabisi Aims to Develop Biomaterials that Can Speed Healing in Space and on Earth Innovation New Jersey (2017)

  6. Space-Age Challenge: Healing Broken Bones, Wounds, and Internal Organs Newswise (2017)

  7. Take 5 with Ronke Olabisi of Rutgers Inside New Jersey (2017)

  8. Rutgers professor’s research could revolutionize process of human healing The Daily Targum (2017)

  9. Who’s Who in America (2017)

  10. Saluting a New Guard of STEM Stars, Part 3 Vanity Fair (2016)

  11. Scientists are Using Seashell to Regrow Bone Business Insider (2016)

  12. Scientist Network SeriesEssence Magazine (2014)

  13. Spacemen 1969 (2013)

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